Stitching Department

At this stage the shoe starts adopting its final shape. Our seamstresses will maneuver the leather on the sewing machine to perfectly stitch together the different leather pieces. But some styles need to be stitched by hand, this is where our staff’s expertise really shines.


The upper and lining are the most visible parts of the shoe and are therefore crucial to the final appearance and comfort of the product. In the stitching department, the upper and lining are first glued together with precision using specialized adhesives. This bonding process is critical to ensuring that the pieces remain securely attached during the rest of the manufacturing process. The next step is to sew the glued pieces together, further reinforcing the bond and shaping the shoe into its final form.


For specific styles manual sewing is required to achieve the desired artisanal look and feel. Although this process is time-consuming, it highlights the expertise and skill of our staff and is what sets our shoes apart from others.