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We have a entire team of highly qualified technicians, specialized in luxury shoe design. We can develop an entire collection from the initial sketch to the finalized product.                   

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Cutting Department

Only from the finest quality raw materials can a high quality product be achieved. In the case of shoes this is the leather used for the upper and the lining. Our cutting department team is comprised of experienced professionals, with many years in the business. They know exactly what to look for when selecting leathers and will only accept skins that are 100% flawless.

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Stitching Department

At this stage the shoe starts adopting its final shape. Our seamstresses will maneuver the leather on the sewing machine to perfectly stitch together the different leather pieces. But some styles need to be stitched by hand, this is where our staff’s expertise really shines.

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Lasting Department

It is of utmost importance to have very professional people manning this process, because it is what ultimately makes or breaks the shoe. Our staff has been trained to detect and solve all the possible problems that may arrise.

Finishing department

It’s the end of the whole manufacturing process. Just a few finishing touches and the product will be ready to be packed and shipped.